Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy and confidentiality of the client’s information is of utmost importance for IT Tech LLC and that’s why the client information it is treated with strict confidentiality and only the necessary information is passed to the required levels for executing the work efficiently as per the desire and design of the client. IT Tech LLC takes all precautions to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of such information and no information is ever passed on, sold or leased to a third party for commercial purposes. The information can only be shared only with any authority on legal bindings as per the law of the land and in that circumstances, the client will be intimated as per the procedure. IT Tech LLC takes it as its moral obligation to keep all the client information safe and secure at all times and for all intents and purposes.

This document known as the ‘Privacy Policy’ document is, however, a disclosure of all the ways in which the information may be collected, used and shared in the due course of work. Our clients are however to be sure that IT Tech LLC takes all the measures to keep their information guarded and safe and will never be misused by us intentionally.

IT Tech LLC takes all the measures to ensure the privacy of client information and follows online and offline privacy ethics.


While the client is browsing the IT Tech LLC website at any point before the information is collected an intimation is given to the client and also told that for what intents and purposes the information might be used in future and only after the client agrees the site moves further and records the information. However, in no case, the information is ever leased, sold or shared with any third party for commercial purposes if any point IT Tech LLC shares that information with any of its subsidiaries or service providers that is strictly for availing services for the client. Instant-solution only uses client’s personal details, email address etc. only for providing promotional offers and newly launched scheme details but the client always has the option to opt out of receiving such offers by simply unsubscribing to such email offers at any point of time.

Choice: The client is always given the choice to opt out of receiving any promotional offer or service update or any other information that may have been subscribed to his account by simply clicking the unsubscribe button however we would like to tell that we only send limited email to the clients and many important communications like service offers or policy changes updates might also get unsubscribed by doing so.

Security: IT Tech LLC would like to reassure its clients that all the sensitive data collected from them in the due course of work is always used very judiciously and prudently and at all times complete privacy and confidentiality of the data is ensured.

Sharing: Sharing of data is something about which IT Tech LLC follows a very strict policy and only in condition when IT Tech LLC needs to take the help of any third party for providing any service to client the necessary data is shared with them but in any such instant prior approval of the client is always taken and then only the data is shared. Even after prior approval of the client all the third party service providers to whom IT Tech LLC outsources its services have to pass the background check for any legalities involved as per the procedures and all the privacy and confidentiality clauses are applied back to back on all such service providers for ensuring the safety of information.

IT Tech LLC however can collect or request the information of its clients or website visitors on the following occasions:

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